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    Hello Everyone!

    Server Shipment Update
    They are packaging the server and shipping it. I expect to have the minigames server up with Astronaut in late July. All depends on how quick we can do the transfer! Currently we are renting a server with Cresta Alta on it, which will be open to everyone in a few days.

    Whilst we have been waiting to hear from the hosting company about shipment, we have been thinking about opening an exclusive free-build survival world. We have been talking about how to keep the world remote and exclusive with only the most committed members of the VMC community.

    Introducing, the Cresta Alta Collection


    About Cresta Alta

    This will be a world wherein each person starts out in the collective. You can venture outside of the town to the build world, and build using natural materials or materials bought from the shops. Depending on which level of slot you have, you can also create and sell to shops. Additionally, there is the possibility of selling real-estate, advice, or helping others. But really, the Cresta Alta world is about free-building and interacting with other members.


    Slotting System

    Click Slots (in blue) below to apply
    There are a very limited number of slots, and as it grows in popularity, it will become very difficult to obtain a place in Cresta Alta. The system is as follows:

    Check often for open slots (as listed below). Open slots will appear blue, as others will appear red. If you spot a blue one, click on the name to open the application. You may apply for each open slot only once a month, and may apply for a Signature Collection slot once every 3 months. Higher level spots are more exclusive and come in fewer numbers. Openings are very rare. More slots may be added depending on demand.

    Primary Slots
    The Primary Slots provide a perfect launch for those just starting off. Available slots appear blue.


    Class Slots
    The Class Slots offer essentials for beginning on Cresta Alta, along with a Jr. Suite. Available slots appear blue.


    Premium Slots

    Being one of our more illustrious slots, the Premium package comes with a large villa suite, easy interworld access, and the opportunity to become a shop owner in he collective. Available slots appear blue.

    Corteza - Malinche - Flor Blanca - Carao - Ceiba - Jacaranda - Guenacaste - Tamarindo - Higueron - Laurel - Islita - Playa

    Signature Collection Slots
    The top-teir of Cresta Alta living. Signature Collection slots offer a 3-5 bedroom villa on the ridge, seamless transportation throughout Cresta Alta, and a deluxe shop license. Any dedicated builder's forte. Available slots appear blue. (Require purchase in the server shop.)

    Colibri ~ Teca ~ Marbella ~ Amapola ~ Estrella ~ Mariposa ~ Pochote ~ Ilan Ilan ~ Cedro ~ Almendros
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