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    Basic VMC Server and Forum Regulations
    • No excessive repetition, spamming, or uses of all caps.
    • No vulgar, racist, sexist, or prejudice material of ANY kind.
    • Do not take a stance or argue about religion, politics, or other things of a controversial nature.
    • Things like or related to trolling and abuse are prohibited.
    • Death threats or encouragements of suicide are strictly prohibited and will result in a ban.
    • Do not provide personal information of anyone else without specific and clear, written permission.
    • You may only chat in the English language.
    • Do not advertise or discuss other servers/coms other than VentureMC.
    • Do not excessively bump.
    • Do not double-post (use the edit button instead).
    • Do not offer links where you or we cannot ensure safety.
    • Do not post threads unless they have a certain substance or use.
    • Don't discuss ban issues that are not relevant to you. If you have something of value to say about someone else's ban, please contact staff privately, don't discuss it on the forums.
    • Do not create alternate accounts. This includes creating alt accounts to avoid bans, like-boost, or troll alt accounts.
    • Please only use spoiler tags appropriately. They should not be used to hide explicit content.

    Detailed Forum Specific Regulations

    Advertising any non-official VentureMC server is going against our Regulations.

    Certain advertising is ok! Advertising texturepacks, mods, seeds, etc. are all harmless and considered friendly to fellow community members.
    Posting mods is NOT allowed if:
    - They are in conflict with the rules (tapped clients, blacklisted mods, etc.)
    - The link goes through a site like AdFly, or other pay-per-view or malicious mediums.
    Other games
    Discussion of any other games is perfectly fine.
    Providing contact details is limited to the following EXCLUSIVELY (Skype, Steam, Xbox Live, PSNetwork, Google+ Hangouts)

    The VentureMC personnel team reserves the right to issue punishments against other offenses not listed in this regulations document in an instance where it is evident the action(s) did not have good intentions. This document is subject to change. By using our website or playing on our server you agree to the rules above.
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