Appeal Bans / Punishment

Here you can apply only your own bans / punishment.

  1. [Read] Appeal Format

    If you have been banned or muted from part of the VentureMC NETWORK, chances are you have violated one of our Terms and Conditions. However, if you feel you were wrongfully punished, disagree with the nature of the ban, or think you deserve a second chance, you may appeal to be unbanned or unmuted

    An appeal may only be submitted by the punished player or their parent and/or guardian.

    Please make all appeals in a new thread in this forum section:

    In your appeal, please include all the information we require in this format:

    In Game Name:
    Where you were punished (Server: /AST/KPVP/MI/NETWORK):
    Punishment Type (Ban/Mute):
    Punishment Length:
    Punishment Reason:
    Why the punishment was false:

    Appeals must be filed in this format. Appeals should be posted in English and no other language. Please wait up to two days for a response from the Personnel, we want to ensure you are treated fairly.

    The reason for your ban or mute can be found when you attempt to join the server you were banned from, or when trying to speak in chat in the case of a mute.

    Payment Fraud Bans

    Do not use the punishment appeal section to appeal bans for payment fraud. All payment fraud bans must be appealed by emailing

    Punishment from a VentureMC Collection Server

    If you are banned or muted from a VentureMC Collection server, or another server affiliated with VMC, please appeal using that server's mode of appeals. For further assistance, email

    If you are unsatisfied with the result of your ban appeal, you may make another one. Each ban/mute allocates two appeals, but only two. Any additional appeals will be closed.

    Thanks for reading, and we wish you the best of luck with your appeal process. Remember to just be honest!

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